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The Autumn Adeigbo Brand Astrology Chart ❤️♓♍

Recently, I did my company's astrological birth chart. A birth chart is a snapshot of the celestial sky at the time of an entity's birth. Like people, companies, pets, and even countries have birth charts. And just like a human, the company's birth chart describes it's personality.

Although I incorporated my business in February of 2016, it wasn't until last week that I looked at the Certificate of Incorporation and realized my company has a birthday, birth place and birth time- the three elements needed to calculate a birth chart.

I guess I should pause for a moment to give you some background on my love of astrology. It began at age 14 when I first realized what my own sign is (libra) and only deepened as I learned more about the subject. Now if people ask me what I would do if I wasn't designing, writing astrology books is on the short list (shh I've already started writing one!)

Now, I can often guess the signs of people that I meet without knowing their birthdays. From my experience, I can attest that signs who are supposed to get along on (astrological) 'paper' usually do get along in the real world.

  • Libra, Gemini and Aquarius- the 3 air signs, seem to all hang out together. Air signs are thinkers, intellectuals, mentally stimulating and easily bored. If you ask an air sign if they are hungry they usually have to think about it before giving you an answer.
  • Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer tend to circulate together as the 3 water signs. Water is emotional, borderline psychic and very sensitive. Water signs are adept at reading the vibes of a situation and the emotions going on below the surface.
  • Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo gravitate towards each other as fire signs. Fire is inspiring, active, and warm. Fire signs are generally very honest and usually on the go/ action orientated. The often don't have the best memories.
  • Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are earth signs and often hang out together. Earth is practical, sturdy, and good at accomplishing things that bring them wealth or earthly riches. Earth signs don't over think things- what you see is what you get. If you want to build something lasting and successful they will show you the most practical way to get it done.

I often hear people say, 'I don't believe in astrology'. They are usually people who know anything about the subject. I don't think I will ever understand saying you don't believe in something you know nothing about but- to each his own I guess.

I find that one of the reasons people don't believe in astrology is because they barely have a surface understanding of it. They might know their own sun signs, but they usually don't know the signs of the people closest to them, and they definitely don't know their entire birth chart- which is what makes up the astrological personality.

Too often, people confuse astrology (personality and compatibility) with horoscopes (predictions based on astrology). While aspects of astrology are evident in forecasting horoscopes- they are not the same thing.

I was very excited to analyze the personality of my company based on its birth chart. I decided to share it, so here it goes!

Autumn Adeigbo Company birth Chart
Autumn Adeigbo Company Birth Chart

Sun (Orange Icon) - 5 degrees Pisces

The sun in a birth chart represents your ego and 'day-time' self.

Pisces is a water sign, the oldest soul (and last sign) symbolized by two fish with their tails tied together. The top fish is swimming upstream toward heaven and enlightenment, and the bottom fish is swimming downward towards earth and worldly distractions. The Pisces vibration is self-sacrificing, dreamy, imaginative, psychic, sensitive, artistic and very attached to music (Pisces or people with strong 12th houses- the house of Pisces are likely to be musicians themselves).

Our company having its Sun sign in Pisces means that its ego or daytime self is altruistic, understanding, dreamy, giving, other-worldly, sensitive and may have an issue with time management and boundaries. Pisces are psychic sponges and tend to soak up the energy of those around them. This sensitivity can mean that they don't know where their energy/ emotions end and your's begin.

It may not be the worst thing for our company to be so open with the customers it serves. Especially an artistic and altruistic company like an ethical fashion brand.

Moon (Yellow Icon)- 28 degrees Virgo

The moon in a birth chart represents the subject's emotions, nighttime self and how they are behind closed doors with those they are closest to.

Our company's moon sign is Virgo, an earth sign that's directly opposite on the astrological wheel from of our Sun sign in Pisces- representing opposite ends of the personality spectrum. If Pisces represents dreaminess and lack of boundaries- Virgo represents practicality and order.

The Virgo vibration is about the everyday: the routine, being dutiful, getting things done.No one makes a 'to-do' list like a Virgo. A Virgo's catchphrase should be, "That doesn't belong there... it belongs here". Everything has its own place and needs to be there. Virgos can have the reputation for being 'anal' about order and cleanliness, but they can't help it- their eye immediately goes to the thing that doesn't belong and drives them to fix it.

Moon in Virgo will serve as a nice balance for the dreaminess of our company's Pisces sun sign. Not only will our main personality exemplify the artistic vision to create other worldly products, but our emotional element will be orderly, dutiful, and make sure things get done.

Ascendant Sign (Black 'AC' Icon)- 28 degrees Cancer

The ascendant or rising sign is the constellation that was rising (ascending) over the eastern horizon at the time of one's birth. It signifies your surface personality and the immediate impression you give others, even more so than your sun sign.

Our company's rising sign is Cancer. Cancer is another water sign- known for being sensitive, psychic, able to read vibes, similar to the other water signs Pisces and Scorpio. Where Cancer differs from the other two water signs is that it represents motherhood, nurturing and women in general.

This seems to be fitting for our brand whose main priority is: "building a bridge of women supporting women cross-culturally via the vehicle of ethical fashion". One could agree that this description is immediately recognizable upon initial introduction to our brand- typical of the rising sign.

Another key association of Cancer is home and food (both facets traditionally associated with women and motherhood). I run our business from my Manhattan apartment and plan to do so for the first few years. Food is already closely tied to the brand- as I often share the amazing eats I come across on our social media. It's fun to be creative with food just like it's fun to be creative with fashion.

Mercury (Purple Icon)- 14 degrees Aquarius

Mercury represents how one thinks and communicates. Aquarians are honest, altruistic, unemotional, and have intelligence that straddles a line between genius and insanity. Sometimes their ideas are genius and sometimes they cross over to insanity.

Having our company's Mercury in Aquarius means we will think more about the group than the individual, maintain altruism within our core values, will be prone to think outside the box, and will exhibit an intelligence that can be perceived by some as weird, eccentric, and possibly insane.We will be bored with the status quo and use our rebellious intelligence to break through ceilings and create new systems. How exciting!

Venus (Pink Icon)- 9 degrees Aquarius

Venus represents the things you are naturally drawn to, how you show your love, and the social environments you're most comfortable in.

Similar to the characteristics of our Mercury (which is also in Aquarius), our company will naturally be drawn to helping others, exhibit our love by focusing on the group, and be attracted to environments where people walk to the beat of a different drum, dancing to music that other's can't hear.

Mars (Red Icon)- 25 degrees Scorpio

The Mars sign is how one asserts themselves. Mars is your action planet, the planet of confidence, force, war, pursuing what you want, aggression, and sports- all things related to the masculine archetype.

Our company's Mars in the water sign of Scorpio, (how interesting that our company has all 3 signs of the feeling water element in its astrological profile) means that when it comes to action, at first we sit back and observe like a Scorpio. We want to understand all the moving parts. We are discerning in the way we exert our energy like a Scorpio. Scorpios are emotionally intelligent, strategic, methodical, and calculating. No sign has more intensity than a Scorpio.

Scorpio is not afraid to go places that other's fear. In fact that is where Scorpio feels most in its element- exploring the deepest and darkest aspects of whatever or whomever has its attention. Scorpio is the sign of death, rebirth and other people's money. Scorpions have a stinger. You don't want to stand in a Scorpio's way if they are pursuing something they desire. They will get what they want- with you or without you.

In Closing

There are many other components to our company's birth chart that I could explain (like aspects and house overlays) but I wanted this to be an introduction rather than a dissertation.

I think it's important that in our futuristic age of information and technology that we can still lean on ancient sciences to form a deeper understanding of how things like personalities work.


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