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Autumn's November 2020 American Vogue Feature with Tory Burch

Autumn Adeigbo and Tory Burch


Autumn Adeigbo Tory Burch American Vogue November 2020

As a youth, I was able to watch from afar, as Tory's company launched and grew into a leading global contemporary fashion brand, inspiring me to continue my own fashion journey. 

I found it fun when riding the NYC subway system to see if I could find at least one woman wearing a pair of Tory flats, slippers or hand bag. There was usually at least one woman, in almost every subway car I rode.

Last year, the Tory Burch Foundation selected me as one of 50 women for their 2019 fellowship class, and as one of 6 women-led companies in Tory's annual curated seed box- introducing my product to thousands of Tory Burch customers, through Tory Burch distribution channels. 

We want to thank Tory Burch, The Tory Burch Foundation, Vogue magazine, photographer Micaiah Carter and make up artist Allan Avenando for our first full page feature in November’s 2020 American Vogue issue with my long time mentor and inspiration Tory Burch discussing our history of partnership and collaboration and what happens when #FashionComesTogether 

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