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Meet Holly Pierson

Holly Pierson

Holly Pierson is a television and film costume designer originally from Denton, Texas. After moving to the big apple, she followed her dreams to boldly pursue a career in costume design. She worked on TV shows like "Louis" and "Horace and Pete" with Louis CK, and is now on the costume team for "At Home with Amy Sedaris." She was also on the team that designed costumes for movies like Chuck with Liev Scheiber and Elisabeth Moss, Mistress America with Greta Gerwig, and Match with Patrick Stewart.

Holly Pierson BW Dress
How long have you been a costume designer and how did you get into it?

I’ve been designing and working under other designers for about 6 years. A friend from art school reached out to my dear friend Karen about doing costumes for a music video for Com Truise. We designed the costumes together and went on to do a feature film directly after. One project has led to the next and I couldn’t be happier.

Holly Pierson
What is one trait/skill that has personally helped you reach new levels in your career?

A constant pursuit of calmness. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed, especially on set. I’ve learned from others and personal experience that keeping your cool is always going to yield better results and instill trust in your abilities.

No matter how far your career takes you, what is one thing about your life that you want to remain the same/constant?

It’s funny because one of my favorite things about my career is that it’s not the same, ever. I crave that unknown, figure things out in the moment sort of environment and I don’t want that to change.

What do you spend your time doing when you're not working?

I am an avid amateur dyer. I love changing something completely with color.

What is one disadvantage to pioneering your own career? What is one benefit that keeps you going?

The truth is you are on your own, no one is going to make your career for you. But the lovely community that I’ve found in costume design keeps me positive and focused. There are a lot of people you shouldn’t waste your time with, but treasure the ones that are worth it.

Holly Pierson Dress
Holly and Autumn
If tomorrow you woke up and had to change your career, what position/path would you choose?

I’d love to apprentice someone who works with medicinal plants and makes tinctures and salves.

When it comes to bringing characters’ styles to life, what is your main focus? I think a lot about their circumstances. Where their clothes would have been purchased or made. Who in their life influences their clothing choices. What they do. How they feel about themselves.

Holly Pierson
What advice would you give your younger self if you had the chance?

Just do. There is no try.

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