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Meet Ellyn

Meet Ellyn Canfield

Ellyn Canfield has a really cool job within the government. She is Executive Director of the New York City Mayor's Office of Citywide Event Management. For anyone who is curious about what it's like to work within the government closely with Mayor De Blasio in a position that offers a highly social aspect with a strong element of creativity, click below. Find out how Ellyn worked her way up from an intern to her current executive position over the past 10 years.

Meet Ellyn Canfield

How long have you been working with Mayor de Blasio and how did you end up in that position?

I’ve been working on and off for Mayor de Blasio for 10 years – starting as an intern in his city council, and I’m currently the Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office Citywide Event Management, and in the second term of de Blasio’s administration. Time has flown! I’ve done all kinds of different jobs in government and politics, but I started focusing on events and fundraising six years ago. That led to a few years spent leading the team that produced special events for the Mayor and First Lady (like Women’s History Month celebration and the holiday events), and then two years ago I moved to my current role.

What is one disadvantage to pioneering your career vs. one benefit that inspires you?

I don’t know if I’d call myself a pioneer, but working for elected officials is unique in that your job changes or disappears frequently with the electoral. That uncertainty has gotten to me at times, but it’s also been the benefit – I’ve never had the luxury of getting too comfortable in my job, and that’s forced me to hustle and keep pushing toward doing work I really love.

Meet Ellyn Canfield

What is one trait/skill that has personally helped you reach new levels in your career of managing city-wide government events?

Stubbornness. For better or worse, once I have my teeth in something, I don’t let go. This comes in handy when navigating the bureaucracy and red tape in government, as well as the hurdles that any woman in a male-dominated field faces.

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